Sana-sol Vitanallet

They make taking vitamins fun

Why should taking care of ourselves be boring? It shouldn't!
That's why the Sana-sol Vitanallet multivitamin family

The Vitanallet concept we have designed has brought fun
and vitamin vitality to the lives of families with children since 2015.
Teddy-energy captivates children of all ages
- by first bouncing into the shopping basket
and then happily into their mouths.
In the taste test Sana-sol Vitanallet is also unbeatable
(Taloustutkimus 12/2018)

The heroic tale of the teddy bear trio continues with a TV ad, where we also inspire our Finnish vitamin fans to live an active lifestyle. Now turn up the speakers and start bouncing: Vitanallet-vita-vitanallet…”

Vitanallet's name and hero characters personifying
the product form have had a key role in packaging design.
The Vitanallet trio always has new adventures
in new variants colored according to taste and with
the right Vitanalle attitude.