Toyota Transparent Hybrid Test Drive

Toyota Hybrids have revolutionized the car industry.

Our challenge was to revolutionize test driving and support Toyota’s claim, that 50 % of the time driven with their Hybrids is completely emission-free.

We made every Toyota Hybrid test drive an on-line experience. Data from each test drive is logged and transparently published on Toyota websites, in real-time. Customers benefit from this too. After a test drive they receive a diploma, reporting their speed, consumption and CO2 emissions as well as comparing the costs of driving a Toyota Hybrid with their current car.

Everything is controlled with an easy-to-use iPad application, used by Toyota personnel to support the smooth test drive experience and help with data collection.

After initial launch in Finland in 2014 the concept was quickly adopted across Europe.

So far Toyota dealers in over 20 countries have offered their customers the exceptional pleasure of experiencing their test drive in a new manner – totally transparent.