Taffel Crispy Gold

Together with Taffel, we designed a new luxury chip for the world. How do you introduce a new chip to a category that is already heavily booked? Well, by adding dazzling gold, mouth-watering minimalism and everyday hedonism!



In a segment that had already seen plenty, would there be room for one more?

Our task together with the client was to bring a brand of chips prepared with the new kettle cooking method to a heavily competed segment of kettle cooked chips. The slightly higher price of this product was also a challenge.

A solution born of crispy gold

We communicated the crispiness and golden colour of the chips by making a feature out of the slightly higher price arising from the preparation method. So we created a luxury product everyone can afford: the Crispy Gold chip.

The result: a new favourite with a story centred in extravagant minimalism

The munching minimalism of the Crispy Gold concept, the monogram shape, the gold and the hedonism all enrich the everyday lives of people in a way untypical for the chip category—and of course, the chips really do taste terrific! Now the extravagant look is blazing its way through marketing communications with increasingly familiar scrumptiousness.