The game was played over half a million times
Taffel Champion Chips app

LM& together with Tribered designed and implemented Taffel's football themed reaction game for this iconic snack brand, which during the summer 2018 raffled three gold footballs every day. The Grand Prize was a € 1,000 gold bullion. The results were incredible: nearly 45,000 identified players played the game over the summer over 500,000 times.

The game was also a spectator drawcard in the Helsinki Cup football tournament where it was played on a big screen. The results speak for themselves, but why did we originally decide on a mobile game as a promotional platform? There are many reasons why an advertiser should focus their attention on the marketing made possible with games, and not only because it's a very cost effective channel.

The game as media is one of the few things that gets our full attention. Other media can't do this, but rather they divide the bandwidth of our brains with whatever distraction. The most clichéd example is the refrigerator with which the TV shares its attention. When a person plays, he only focuses on the game.

Few ads immediately get people to spend 4 minutes with the brand, as Taffel Champion Chips has managed to do, which we see when we check the average time of game sessions. In return for their time, a person has exciting experiences, an opportunity to better their game and beat their opponents, and a real chance to win valuable prizes without financial risk.

How often do people return to ads voluntarily? In general, they hardly ever do. With Taffel Champion Chips, gaming sessions were 1.9 times per user, so almost every player came on another day to play the game again! Returning is related to emotion, because strong human emotions, such as joy, success, failure, frustration and surprise, are part of the game - and emotions are a brand's fuel.

Contrary to what we imagine, games are not just a teenage thing, but everyone is playing, especially middle-aged adults. The first mobile game was released in 1997, the Nokia Snake. The gender distribution is also even and of course depends on the content. With Taffel Champion Chips, the gender distribution was 51% -49% in favor of women, but this is an estimate, because in order for the conversion to be as good as possible, only the gold bullion draw required registration, which about half of the players did.

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