Sentio by Harvia

Upgrade all your senses

International brand development for a Finnish premium brand

Harvia, the world's largest sauna heater manufacturer, chose LM& to manage its brand planning when launching the premium brand Sentio by Harvia. Sentio by Harvia promises a first-class sauna and spa experience to satisfy even the most demanding sauna bather. The brand brings together internationally awarded design, functionality, and new high-quality technology into a concept that was named the “Most Interesting Content” at the Helsinki Habitare interior design expo on 12 September 2018.

Brand book by LM&

Hero images by LM&, Production Studio Mikko Laakkonen.

We created a Sentio by Harvia brand book to crystallize the brand's purpose and style of communication, and honed every visual detail, down to the layouts and materials used in the sauna photographs. Every aspect of the brand needed to live up to Sentio by Harvia's promise of a multisensory experience and its holistic vision of a balanced body and mind.

Marketing Communication Templates by LM&

Design & Sauna Moods by LM&

“The most common reason to sauna bathe, both in Finland and abroad, is for relaxation. We wanted to create a brand that offers a holistic sauna experience and stimulates all the senses,” says Sami Linna, Chief Marketing Officer of Harvia.