Jenkki Original & A Little Bit of Smile

When this iconic brand needed updating, we focused on the core ability of Jenkki: its power to bring a smile. “Pieni pala hymyä” (a little bit of smile) is a promise and a slogan for a new, stronger brand.



50 years old iconic brand

Jenkki Original is a classic that has brought smiles to Finnish faces for more than half a century. The Finnish chewing gum brand, originally launched in 1951, is a market-leader in Finland.

Focus on the smile

Focus on the essential idea of Jenkki bringing a smile will reach consumers, both new and old, sharing the power of a smile all around for another half a century to come.

Inspiring story touched peoples hearts

The promise of bringing a little bit of a smile served as our organizing idea—for strengthening the Jenkki brand and its product family both on the shop shelf and in the minds of Finns.