Brand reform to support Harvia’s international growth

To support their growth strategy, we renewed Harvia’s brand and visual identity that we captured in a Brand Book. Where did it all begin? …naturally in a Finnish sauna, where Tapani Harvia found his calling.



A positive challenge: international growth

Our task was to create a visual identity for the world’s leading sauna heater manufacturer that was founded in 1950 and has since grown into a leader of sauna & spa industry, operating in over 80 countries. The solution can be found from sauna, from the warmth of steam and in the gentle embrace of bath.

Urbanization is the mega trend of our times

To counterbalance this, people all over the world long for oases of wellbeing, where they can enjoy complete harmony of the body and the soul—with all their senses. We visualized the ancient elements: earth, wind, fire, and water. We redeem Harvia’s new promise: Relaxing Moments & Natural Wellbeing.

Results: Harvia’s success story continues across all interfaces

Harvia’s Brand Book contains instructions on everything: from using their remodelled logo to typography, from visual elements to brand hierarchy, and how to talk about the brand story—across all interfaces.