LM& created the world’s first AR ice hockey game on a frozen pizza box.

The idea was created in order to emphasize the collaboration between the Grandiosa brand and the beloved Finnish ice hockey team during the Ice Hockey World Championships during the spring 2018.

Ice ice baby!

The Grandiosa Game Day (Pelipäivä) app offered a fun augmented reality experience where an ice hockey game appeared on a frozen pizza box, when pointing at it using the camera of your mobile device. The game was available at the Apple Store and the Google Play and in order to work, it demanded a real Grandiosa pizza box of any kind to serve as the gaming platform.

Full load of content

The gameplay was designed to be intuitive, easy and exciting with the voice over of a known ice hockey sportscaster. Grandiosa Game Day involved scoring goals and hunting for various achievements which functioned as tickets to a Grand Prize draw. The app also contained exclusive video content with the Finnish ice hockey team, the “Lions” playing the game, as well as a social media dimension. For instance, you could see your Facebook friends' profile picture in the bleachers and compare your scores with theirs while playing.

We hit it among the top sports games

The game was loved also outside the agency as it shot to the global top 5 on the iOS App Store sports games, and top 2 in the Android Play Store lists within a couple of days! The one day retain was impressive 7.75%, and the medium amount of games per user was 5,6games. Time spent with the brand was on average 5 minutes per user.

The technical implementation was carried out by Tribered Helsinki.

Promo videos starring the Lions

Hockey practise

Watch the Finnish Lions practising on new kind of ice!

Star scorer in the changing room

See the Finnish Lions star scorer in the changing room!


Watch Finnish Lions fans getting to play!

The Finnish national anthem

Watch the Finnish Lions’ first game here!

At the hotel

See what the Finnish Lions do after the last goal is in the net!


Finckey, the Finnish Lions’ mascot never gives up!