Making the Visual Identity Reform Internationally Workable

The Board of Arbitration of the Finnish Chamber of Commerce has been active since 1911 and its mission is to become an increasingly dynamic and more international player. We wanted to make this visible.

Meeting the challenges of internationalisation

Our task was to reform and harmonise the visual identity of the Arbitration Institute of the Finland Chamber of Commerce (FAI) to communicate dignity and internationally reliable expertise.


Utilising the skill of simplification

The new look we designed is based on an arrangement of the plain letters, FAI. This will be used both as an emblem and a visual pattern. The wording of the Institute name was simplified so that it is now the Finnish Arbitration Institute. This will be used in conjunction with the FAI logo.

The graphic guidelines harmonise the realisation of the reformed look at all interfaces.

The results speak for themselves

"The reform was received very affirmatively in our international core target group as well. We're highly pleased with the smoothness of the cooperation and the timeliness of the completion. Our advertising agency, Lahtinen & Mantere, understood what we needed and surpassed our expectations. The cooperation with them was successful in all respects."

-Kirsi Loikas, Finland Chamber of Commerce / Marketing and Communications