Crazy Face Makes Your Face Go …

Ssssssshhhhhiiiiffffff, wwhhhhrriiiiiizzztttt or even bbllllaaaadddgghhhh!!! Crazy Face gives you what it promises as your face bends and twists with the flavours. With our concept and design, this candy is sure to challenge European taste buds!



A challenging segment and a very critical target group

The heavily competed candy segment was getting a newcomer. Strong flavours are not to everyone’s taste, so we definitely had to reach and convince the right target group.

The solution and the story based on reactions to the candy

The startling flavours of the candy had to be communicated in the appropriate way—and it certainly deserved to look as crazy as it tasted. So we created a brand that entices you to test your own limits. How will your palate survive getting sour, salty, and bubbly shocks?

The result: strong international visibility

We marched this striking brand to the international markets with a truly bold and conspicuous concept. Now Crazy Face has redeemed its place in shop aisles and target group hearts.